Chris Heric - Consultant, Solutions Architect, Author and Dynamic Individual

Chris is a 25 year veteran of the print and publishing media communities. He was responsible for some of the first desktop digital color separations, and subsequently went on to consult for clients world-wide.

Experienced in numerous technologies, Chris is a technical person with a personable attitude. He has been active in a number of key development projects such as Adobe PageMaker, InDesign, Acrobat and more. Chris is extremely well versed in Computer Science applications and their roles and capabilities, and uses that knowledge in conjunction with his deep industry knowledge to architect finely tuned solutions for software developers world-wide.

Chris is additionally has been active in many industry standards and comittees such as SWOP, CGATS, DIGITA, SGAUA, CIP4, and many more.

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Workflow is a custom endeavor...

Especially in Workflow. It is our firm belief that solutions should be the Tool not the Master to the user, and that using those workflows should be as intuitive as the real-world analog. As a result, our motto has been for nearly 25 years...

Digital Systems... for Analog People.

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Workflows are like Lego...

Workflows should be flexible, and interoperable with other parts of the bigger picture. The once-touted one-vendor shop has evolved into a mix of many solutions all needing to work and play well together. Tools like JDF make interfacing web-to-print and DAM, MIS roles and we are firm believers in this interoperability.

We are experts at abstracting the roles that a modern production facility needs to employ in order to meet the changing needs of their customers. We work closely with your professionals to build solutions that are ideally suited to the individual requirements of your company or facility. In the hundreds of sites we have visited world-wide virtually no two are the same.